The Rimmer Performance Systems supercharger for Hyundai Tiburon. This system utilizes a series 2 .87 liter displacement supercharger running 7 psi boost exness broker, along with a rising rate fuel pressure regulator to produce 188 hp. We begin with our own CNC'd manifold with cast equal length runners coupled to a low profile plenum chamber. A bypass valve is integral with the manifold. At cruise and light throttle the compressor is bypassed, greatly reducing the load on the compressor. The throttle body remains in the stock location for a clean, factory appearance.


Rimmer Performance Systems introduces the first in a series of intercooled Autorotor compressor systems. The intercooler is a joint venture between Laminova AB of Sweden and RPS. Using Laminovas patented intercooler core design RPS has developed a compact package that incorporates the intake plenum and the intercooler in one unit. The RPS/Laminova system uses a 15 l/min Johnson pump to circulate water through the cores and a front mounted radiator. Discharge temperatures have been reduced by 100 deg F!
Reduced discharge temps mean a denser charge, more air to burn more fuel for more POWER! A 10 degree reduction in charge temp equals a 1% increase in power exness forex.
Intercooled Tiburon systems are $3595 FOB, Colorado Springs. Systems will be available for shipment mid December 2000.


2000 Hyundai Tiburon Dyno Test:

Power peak values: 200hp / 180 lbs ft torque

Values shown are at the crank.

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